Available in bottle and fresh from the cask!

Old Dick 3.8%

Old Dick Suthwyk Ales

Malted Suthwyk barley, ‘Fuggles’ and ‘Goldings’ hops.  Mildly bitter with a fullness of flavour.

Liberation 4.2%


Southwick Barley and the American Hop ‘Liberty’, this beer is light and spritzy with blackcurrant overtones.

Hop and Glory 4.5%

Land Of Hop and Glory Suthwyk Ales

Taste of sweet malt, then a bitter dryness. A malty, rich beer with some fig fruit flavour and great balance of bittering hop

Skew 4.6%


SUTHWYK barley and ‘Challenger’ hops create a fresh, straw colored ale with a citrus flavor and a light bitterness.

Palmerston's Folly 5%

Palmerstons Folly Suthwyk Ales

A clear wheaty beer with a dryness that you would expect and a hint of honey in the after taste.

We don't brew onsite anymore, it's been a long time since the old Brewhouse has seen any action other than the occasional firing up of the steam engine. The beer is made a couple of miles down the road at the Bowman brewery, but the wheat and barley is grown and harvested right here in Southwick  on the fields opposite the Brewhouse, making Suthwyk Ales are our most local and eco friendly beer!  

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