cask beer

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4 Pints
is served in a carton, ready to drink.

18 and 36 pints served in reusable bladder and display box, ready to drink.
72 pints comes in full cask and will need 24 hours to settle.

Suthwyk Ales



Made from Wheat and Barely homegrown in Southwick

We don't brew onsite anymore, it's been a long time since the old Brewhouse has seen any action other than the occasional firing up of the steam engine or exploding cask.

It's now brewed a couple of miles down the road at the Bowman brewery but begins its nurtured life here in Southwick when we carefully sow the barley seed during early spring in the light chalky soil of 'Skew field'. The south-facing slope of the field ensures that every hour of sunshine is captured to produce a plump golden grain. Grain so admired by the Institute of Brewers that it has been awarded the 'Best Spring Barley in the South-East of England'.

Old Dick 3.8%

Old Dick Suthwyk Ales

Liberation 4.2%


Hop and Glory 4.5%

Land Of Hop and Glory Suthwyk Ales

Skew 4.6%


Palmerston's Folly 5%

Palmerstons Folly Suthwyk Ales

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