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4 Pints
is served in a carton, ready to drink.

18 and 36 pints served in reusable bladder and display box, ready to drink.
72 pints comes in full cask and will need 24 hours to settle.

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OLD DICK 3.8% 
Dick Olding brewed in Southwick Brewhouse from 1906 to 1957, retiring at the ripe old age of 81. He died soon after, taking his recipes with him, but with its old English hops and Southwick malted barley, we are sure that ‘Old Dick’ would approve this way of being remembered. Old Dick has crystal malted SUTHWYK barley added, as well as ‘Fuggles’ and ‘Goldings’ hops to impart a deeper golden hue. Mildly bitter with a fullness of flavour.



In 1944 at Southwick House, Generals Eisenhower and Montgomery launched Operation Overlord resulting in the liberation of France. Liberation Ale honours all the members of the Allied Forces who fought so fearlessly to gain victory and freedom. Liberation is brewed using the American Hop ‘Liberty’, this beer is light and spritzy with blackcurrant overtones.


Skew is the first beer we made and is named after Skew field which sits on a south facing slope overlooking the solent and catches every hour of sunshine ensuring a plump golden barley. It is brewed using Challenger hops to produce a light straw coloured ale with a citrus flavour and light bitterness.



Originally named VE Day ale, we released this beer to honour VE Day anniversary, it was so popular that decided to continue it. Land of Hop and Glory is a traditional English bitter brewed using fuggles and goldings as well as brewers gold hops to give a soft bitterness and spicy aroma. It has a combination of malts for a full-bodied flavour. Traditional English hops give a soft bitterness and spicy aroma.


Named after the Portsdown Hill forts. By the time construction of the forts was finally completed in 1868, France clearly had no intentions of making war on Britain and the forts had only limited strategic use. Ever since then this massive scheme of fortifications has become known as "Palmerston's Folly." The beer is a SUTHWYK wheat and barley beer, using Saaz and Styrian Goldings hops. Although it has 40% wheat in the malt it is a clear wheaty beer with a dryness that you would expect and a hint of honey in the after taste.