Suthwyk Ales Mixed Case


Mixed case of 12 bottled conditioned real ale from Suthwyk Ales.

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This mixed case hosts a selection of beer from Suthwyk Ales. If you’d like a different combination just leave us a note when you check out.

3x Old Dick 3.8%
crystal malted Suthwyk barley, ‘Fuggles’ and ‘Goldings’ hops to impart a deeper golden hue. Mildly bitter with a fullness of flavour.

3x Liberation
4.2%  brewed from Southwick Barley and the American Hop ‘Liberty’, this beer is light and spritzy with blackcurrant overtones. It will lift your spirits and gird your loins.

3x Land Of Hop & Glory 4.5% 
Taste of sweet malt, then a bitter dryness. A malty, rich beer with some fig fruit flavour and great balance of bittering hop

3x Palmerston’s folly 5% 
wheat and barley beer, using Saaz and Styrian Goldings hops. Although it has 40% wheat in the malt it is a clear wheaty beer with a dryness that you would expect and a hint of honey in the after taste.

Suthwyk Ales begins its nurtured life when we carefully sow the barley seed during early spring in the light chalky soil of Skew field. The south-facing slope of the field ensures that every hour of sunshine is captured to produce a plump golden grain. Grain so admired by the Institute of Brewers that it has been awarded the ‘Best Spring Barley in the South-East of England’

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