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Suthwyk Ales is unique from other Hampshire brewed beers, as the only producers to grow the barley right here in Hampshire. Our beers all have a unique story to tell, they are patriotic, truly local and most importantly, delicious and refreshing.  Brewed by the expert brewers at Bowman Ales in Droxford.


In this pack:
Old Dick 3.8%
Old Dick has crystal malted SUTHWYK barley added, as well as ‘Fuggles’ and ‘Goldings’ hops to impart a deeper golden hue. Mildly bitter with a fullness of flavour.

Liberation 4.2%
Liberation Ale honours all the members of the Allied Forces who fought so fearlessly to gain victory and freedom. Liberation is brewed using the American Hop ‘Liberty’, this beer is light and spritzy with blackcurrant overtones.

Skew 4.6%
Brewed using Challenger hops to produce a light straw coloured ale with a citrus flavour and light bitterness.

Palmerstons' Folly 5%
Brewed with Suthwyk wheat and barley beer, using Saaz and Styrian Goldings hops. Although it has 40% wheat in the malt it is a clear wheaty beer with a dryness that you would expect and a hint of honey in the after taste.

Old Dick T-shirt

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Old Dick T-Shirt £9.99

Now you can take an old dick wherever you go with this exclusive Old Dick T-Shirt!
In memory of master brewer Dick Olding, who single handedly manned the Southwick Brewhouse until he was 87 years old!

Mr Olding, 81 years old in 1957 and whose family had lived in the village for several centuries would appear to have been the ‘master of proceedings’ since 1906. ‘Old Dick’ as he was fondly known, was well loved by one and all and (surprising) was a strict teetotaller. He oversaw the various processes by himself, taking his secrets and tricks of the trade to the grave with him. It is said, the odour was such that anyone entering the village with the slightest sense of smell would realise a brew was underway.

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