• Westcountry Mead


    A Medium Sweet honey based wine with a sweet spicy overtone. Lovely served at room temperature & with spicy food or strong cheeses.

  • Strawberry


    Strawberry Wine is a medium, well balanced fruit wine with a delicate strawberry aroma. This fruit wine is a traditional summer favourite that’s best served chilled

  • Rhubard Mead


    Rhubarb mead showcases the delicious pairing of honey and rhubarb. Served chilled or on the rocks, this tangy mead has the sweetness and fruitiness to pair it perfectly with blue cheese and terrines, as well as ice cream and fruit-based desserts.

  • Peach Wine


    Peach Wine is a medium Sweet, deliciously scented smooth summery wine with soft ripe fruit flavours.

  • Ginger Wine


    Ginger Wine is a sweet, heart-warming wine bursting with smooth ginger & carrying a kick.

  • Cherry


    Cherry Wine is a smooth, full flavoured sweet wine with an aroma of real cherries & hint of almond.

  • Chilli Mead


    Chilli mead has the perfect balance of sweet honey with the spicy kick of chillies, which will leave your tongue tingling with delight.

  • Blackbeer & Rasin


    Blackbeer & Raisin wine is a sweet, full flavoured dark wine with a rich, malty flavour & sherry like character. Serve at room temperature, this wine is great with a full flavoured hard cheese.

  • Apricot Wine


    A Medium Sweet, smooth, richly scented golden fruit wine which oozes the lingering flavour of soft, ripe fruit