Becoming North by Good Chemistry  (660ml bottle, 6.0% ABV, vegan)

When is a porter not a porter? When it’s a Baltic porter. When is a lager not a lager? When it’s a Baltic porter.

In the 19th century, Britain was doing a roaring beer trade with Russia, Poland and other countries around the Baltic sea. They were particularly taken with dark beers – the stronger the better! It was only a matter of time before they decided to have a go at recreating them. However, with only lager yeast available they had to brew at temperatures much lower than those required for a British ale yeast. And so a new style was born …

Good Chemisty’s take on the Baltic porter is Becoming North. The alcohol is moderate for the style, but still strong enough, and the standard Good Chemistry flask means an extra 160ml of beery goodness over most other brewery’s offerings. Th s

Becoming North

Becoming North by Good Chemistry  (660ml bottle, 6.0% ABV, vegan)

The initial spritzy fizz – not unlike Coca-Cola – soon subsides to a surface as flat and black as the surface of a grand piano. The aroma is boozy and rich.

It lacks the roastiness of your standard stout or porter, but gains flavours of raisins and treacle. There’s a slight sweetness, and hints of the expected dark chocolate. The mouthfeel is amazing: unctuous, oily, slippery and smooth. A crisp finish is perhaps the only thing that gives away the truth – that in terms of fermentation, this is technically a lager.

Written by Richard Salsbury

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