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by Richard Salsbury

A Little About Richard

I try to write on a broad variety of topics, but I have a particular interest in technology, society, and personal philosophy, which all sounds very grand, but I’m also deeply concerned with writing stuff that entertains. An element of humour and/or irony often creeps in.

Some of my favourite writers include David Mitchell, Scarlett Thomas, Jonathan Coe, Kurt Vonnegut, Graham Greene, Dickens, Shakespeare … I could go on.

All of my novels are based in the fictional town of Strathurst, on the border between Hampshire and Surrey.

In my previous jobs I have worked as a civil engineer, software engineer, training instructor and technical writer.

Wild Beer

Wild Beer Co Epic Saison (330ml, 5.0% ABV)

Wild Beer Co Epic Saison (330ml, 5.0% ABV) Belgium. Land of chocolate and mayonnaise on chips. Home to the EU, Poirot and Tintin. It is also, according to some, the most unspeakable swear-word in the universe. But what a beer country! Belgium boasts a bewildering array of styles, from laid-back, easy drinking wheat beers to…
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Flying Dog Easy IPA

Flying Dog Easy IPA (355ml can, 4.7% ABV) And so to our American cousins, who have had their own beer revolution and present us this luridly decorated beer … in a can? How vulgar! But beer in cans is no longer the preserve of mass-market lager and insipid ale. Many smaller brewers are trying it…
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Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout

Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout (500ml, 4.5% ABV) I have to confess, the idea of a factory producing beer goes against my idea of what a small brewery should be doing. Perhaps the Bristol Beer Factory were thinking less ‘commercial beverage giant’ and more ‘Willy Wonka’. Their Milk Stout would certainly seem to suggest it.…
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Weird Beard Mariana Trench

Weird Beard Mariana Trench (330ml, 5.3% ABV) Beer is exploding. Not in that “Who shook up my bottle of stout?” kind of way, but in the number of people who are brewing it. In 2012 there were 24 breweries in London. Four short years later, the number has more than tripled, and the Weird Beard…
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Leap year deals!

It’s a leap year!  According to an old Irish legend, St Brigid struck a deal with St Patrick to allow women to propose to men every four years. Tradition dictates that any man who refuses a woman’s proposal on February 29 has to buy her 12 pairs of gloves, we don’t sell gloves at the brewhouse, but…
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What’s new for February!

Beer, what is it good for? Absolutely everything! We’re kicking of 2016 in style with a brand spanking new website and some new beer! So what’s on the menu for February? Well to start we’ve just taken a delivery from Wiggle Valley brewery, a small microbrewery tucked away down a farm lane on the edge of the village…
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D-Day revival

D-Day Revival June 2016

A D-Day revival event is not to be missed! This June for the third year running, the village of Southwick is joining in partnership with Southwick Park to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day. This is an exciting and unique opportunity for visitors from all over the world to breathe in the atmosphere of those historic days at…
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The mash tun

Thomas Carter. Brewers assistant

Thomas Carter, a retired farm worker who lived in Back Lane, Southwick, worked part time as assistant to the brewer, from the late 1930s until the closure of the brewery in 1956/57. He aided the brewer in many ways but was never present when brewing took place. On the first evening he would prepare for…
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Old Dick brewing

The Brewhouse in action

Every brewhouse needs a hero, for the Southwick Brewhouse his name was Dick Olding, or as he was fondly known, Old Dick, the brewmaster, a gentlemen and a legend among the villagers, providing a stiff drink for the troops and working like a power horse until he passed away aged 81. So how did he…
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