Good Chemistry Redstart Rye (660ml, 5.3% ABV)

If Breaking Bad gave chemistry a bad name, perhaps Good Chemistry aims to redress the balance. It’s the brainchild of Kelly and Bob of Bristol, who founded the brewery in 2015.

Redstart Rye, like all of their beers, comes in a whopping great vessel that looks like a piece of laboratory glassware and gives you a generous 160ml more beer than your average bottle. This makes pouring it a bit of a trick, given that it won’t all fit into your standard pint glass. I suggest you keep an Erlenmeyer flask handy for the remainder.

The graphic design of the bottle is very much in keeping with the sciency moniker – pie charts, statistics, etc – and looks very serious. Until you actually read it. Percentage of galoshes? Check. Little known facts, useless outside an episode of QI or Pointless? Check.

Good Chemistry A hazy, unfiltered approach means it’s vegan friendly. No fish guts or artificial clarifying agents here!

In the glass it’s unsurprisingly red with a little foam on top. It’s unusual for a beer to taste of berries, but this one does – something in the strawberry/cherry spectrum. There’s also the savoury zing of black pepper and a warming spice from the rye that twinkles on the tongue. The finish is juicy rather than dry.

And just when your brain is telling you you’ve finished your standard half litre, you realise there’s another 32% left to enjoy. Like that could ever be a bad thing.

Written by Richard Salsbury

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