Langham Hip Hop (500ml, 4.0% ABV)

Listen up. MC Salsbury’s gonna tell it to ya like ya never heard it. The truth – straight up, yo. I ain’t gonna sell it like the man he try to sell it. Uh-uh. I be keepin’ it real.

Here we go.

Here we go

Langham Hip Hop’s gonna tickle ya taste buds,

Foamin’ in the glass like a sinkful o’ soap suds.

It’s bitter and it’s hoppy like the name is suggestin’.

It’s dope with a meal, while your stomach’s digestin’.

It’s good for a session coz it’s low on the juice,

It won’t make you tight, but it might make you loose.

Sometimes it’s time for something light in your glass.

No-one needs police to be bustin’ your ass.

Hip Hop

Brewin’ in the heart of the Cowdray Estate

These homies make stuff you could hang in the Tate.

Spread the word, yo, to your ale-drinking brothers,

And leave the cheap trash to those corporate mothers.


Chillax, bro’, don’t get yourself in a tizzle.

Ditch your fizzy lager, coz that stuff, it ain’t rizzle,

Get yourself down to the Brewhouse, fo’ shizzle,

and get yourself acquainted with a drop o’ this skizzle.


[Mic drop.]

Written by Richard Salsbury


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