Lerryn Blonde (330ml, 4.7% ABV) The Fowey Brewery 

Considering its relatively small population, Cornwall has an awful lot of breweries – 36, according to brewery listing websiteQuaffale. Lostwithiel alone has two – Castle Brewery (whose beers are also stocked by the Brewhouse) and The Fowey Brewery, situated on the river of the same name and brewing since 2016.

Lerryn is a village near Fowey. So, might Lerryn Blonde refer to a person? A girl from the mists of history? A wild child, distant and unattainable, perhaps? The head brewer’s unrequited love, now immortalised in beer? The rumour starts here.

Lerryn Blonde is an American ale, but with an English yeast. American yeasts are often quite neutral in flavour, allowing the hops to come to the fore, while English yeasts typically give a more fruity character.

It certainly is blonde in the glass, with with a big, lager-like head. An enticing aroma of honey and biscuits rises from all that foam. On the tongue, the beer is juicy, with the honey sweetness balanced by a mild bitterness. It’s very easy drinking, with a hint of spice in the finish.

She turned out all right, that blonde from Lerryn.

Written by Richard Salsbury

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