Robbies Red -Adur Brewery

Sometimes it’s hard to describe a beer. Yes, I know – your heart bleeds for me. (500ml, 5.2% ABV)

You know those ‘fruits of the forest’ yoghurts, where you know some red fruits have gone into it but you can’t quite put your finger on which? That’s what Robbies Red is like. It looks red, and it tastes red, a satisfying blend of berries with a nutty character. I’m making it sound a bit like a breakfast beer, aren’t I? Not at this strength, matey.

The foamy and persistent head translates to a very smooth mouthfeel, while the finish is juicy, with a tangy bitterness.

The Adur Brewery is based in Shoreham-by-Sea near Southwick, West Sussex (which is no relation to Southwick, Hampshire, or any of the four other Southwicks in England). In 2011, concerned that they were about to lose their brewery, a co-operative sprang into action to save it. Members of the co-op, many of them home brewers, can contribute their recipes, which may end up becoming regular brews.

Robbies RedTheir logo is a sinister, faceless jester drinking an invisible pint. The label for Robbie’s Red features a man driving a racing car … which isn’t red. Make of these things what you will.

This is a strong ale in the traditional style. No sun-dried tomatoes, no powdered unicorn horn, just a delicious and well-made beer.

Written by Richard Salsbury


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