St Peter’s The Saints Whisky Beer (500ml bottle, 4.8% ABV)

Given the similarities between beer and whisky (both are made with fermented barley) it’s surprising that more breweries haven’t tried mixing the two. Enter St Peter’s brewery and The Saints, which includes a measure of whisky from St George’s distillery in Norfolk, one of England’s very few whisky distilleries.

St Peter’s Whisky Beer It’s a vibrant orange colour with not much head and an aroma dominated by peat, which is unusual for a beer, to say the least.

The flavour is a mix of smoky, sweet malt, whisky and caramel, with a muted bitterness reminding you that, yes, this is beer. After swallowing, an undertow of peat remains, followed by a late showing of orangey, spicy hops.

It’s a bit strange at first, but after a few sips the peat becomes more natural and the other flavours make their presence felt. Whether those peaty flavours are coming from the peated malt used to make the beer, or the inherent flavour of the added whisky isn’t clear. Those who don’t like peaty whisky should probably steer clear, but for the fan of Islay single malts, this is rather good – it’s a bit like a long whisky with added hops.

As well as brewing beer with extra ‘stuff’ (whisky, plum, raspberry and elderflower, honey), St Peter’s also go the other way and do a range of gluten free, alcohol free and organic beers. Definitely something for everyone!

Written by Richard Salsbury

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