Time & Tide Brewing All In Jim (440ml can, 5.4% ABV)

Time & Tide are a somewhat mysterious brewery based in Deal, Kent. Their website and Facebook page say little, except for their desire to create beer using the classic styles as guidelines rather than rules.

Time & Tide

But the product speaks for itself. All In Jim makes good use of its can for some colourful, scribbly artwork: a gambling cowboy with a hand of cards so good he must be cheating. Others in the range are similarly bright and appealing – a man riding a fish, a monkey playing with fruit. Their octopus logo is also quite funky, and looks like he might be a relative of the ghosts from Pac-Man.

All In Jim pours a pale yellow, with some sparse froth and an interesting aroma of lemon, gooseberry and tropical fruit. On the tongue, similar flavours abound, along with grapefruit, pineapple and some spice. It’s an enthusiastically bubbly beer, one that seems eager to be liked. It need have no fear on that account – it’s delicious. A juicy hop echo and a dry spiciness linger in the finish.

It’s an unusual take on the American pale ale, which fits right in with Time & Tide’s ethos – familiar, but different.

Written by Richard Salsbury

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