Trapped in Amber (440ml, 3.2% ABV) Staggeringly Good

Table beer, or small beer, used to be a very fashionable thing – a beverage with such low alcohol you could drink the stuff all day, even feed it to your kids! Of course, people didn’t need much persuading, given how disease-ridden Britain’s water supply was at the time.

Trapped in Amber is Staggeringly Good’s take on table beer, but this is no mere water substitute.

Trapped in Amber The can features comic-book art in a wraparound panorama that is impossible to photograph in its entirety and really has to be appreciated in the flesh. It might just conceivably be a scene from a certain famous dinosaur film, accompanied by a quote from the ever-mysterious Jeff Goldblum.

The colour is, to an extent, a matter of choice – a careful pour will give you a hazy yellow, while a more vigorous sloshing results in a swampy orange. Watch out for the foam, though: this thing’s got a head the size of a T-Rex*.

A pungent aroma of grapefruit and lemon gives way to a slightly mellower taste: oranges, peaches and a subtle spiciness. It manages to hide its lack of alcohol well, with a body that wouldn’t be out of place in a beer of 4% ABV or more.

The finish is very long, bright and fruity finish – a great example of how to get flavour from a beer of moderate strength.

Written by Richard Salsbury

* The dinosaur, not the Marc Bolan fronted rock group.

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