Treen’s Resolve (500ml bottle, 5.2% ABV)

‘Dangerously drinkable’ is a phrase that crops up a lot in the promotional material for English beers – the same kind of reverse psychology that Shredded Wheat used in the 80s when they bet you couldn’t eat three. Treen’s Brewery use exactly this phrase on their 5.2% Resolve.

But is 5.2% really that strong? The Trappist monks of Belgium would laugh at a beer this weak. ‘We start at 7% and work our way up from there!’ they might say, if they hadn’t taken a vow of silence.

Treens Resolve

Another anomaly: Treen’s Resolve claims to be Cornish ale on the front of the bottle, and a stout on the side. Which turns out to be quite accurate, as it’s sort of both.

It’s certainly black enough to be a stout, with a tan head and the kind of dark, malty aroma you would expect. Thick and luxurious on the tongue, it combines the tastes of dark chocolate, molasses and coffee. So far, so stouty, but there’s also a pronounced bitterness and a certain tangy quality from the hops that make it more like a strong ale.

‘Comfort food in a glass’ is the other phrase Treen’s use to describe this beer. Can’t argue with that.

Written by Richard Salsbury

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