Azores – Atlantic Brewery (500ml bottle, 4.2% ABV, vegan, organic)

Azores? Surely a small cluster of Portuguese-speaking islands in the north Atlantic haven’t got in on the ale-making game? Well, no. Atlantic Brewery are a Cornish concern, operating from an 18th Century farmhouse near Newquay. Their Azores is a combination of the American and English pale ale traditions, using the US Cascade and UK First Gold hop varieties. It arrives at its name through a process of geographical split the difference.

It pours a summery gold, with a little lacy froth. The aroma is rather unique, and brings to mind marshmallows, of all things.

 AzoresThe taste is much more traditional, with mild orange and grapefruit, plus a bit of mellow spice. It finishes with a rounded bitterness. There’s none of the pungent hoppiness you’d expect from an American pale ale. Everything about it is soft, balmy, laid back, making for a very quaffable beer.

Not content with just beer, Atlantic also make a range of gins and vodkas.

Their website makes it clear they’re dedicated to doing their bit for the environment. Organic ingredients, a solar array for power, composting of spent grain and hops, lightweight bottles, and paper (rather than plastic) labels – you name it, they do it.

Written by Richard Salsbury

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