Wilde Geest  Siren Craft / Wiper and True  (330ml bottle7.2% ABV)

You at the back – yes, you – put your phone down. How are you going to pass your chemistry GCSE if you don’t pay attention?

So, last week we were talking a bit about yeast. We know that most ale is brewed with the top-fermenting yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and that most lager uses … anyone? That’s right, Hansen, Saccharomyces pastorianus, a bottom-fermenting yeast.

Wilde GeestToday we’re going to discuss Brettanomyces clausseniiBrett is a wild yeast, used by the Belgians when brewing lambics, saisons or Flanders red ales. Not so common in England, but I do have an example here – a collaboration between Siren Craft and Wiper and True. Take the cap off and pass it round will you, Hansen?

‘Shouldn’t be plying the students with alcohol?’ How are you supposed to learn science if you don’t do practical experiments, Mr Rees? Besides, it’s only 7.2%.

So, what are we getting here? It’s obviously an IPA, with abundant grapefruit and pine flavours. Mmm … mmm. Prickly bubbles on the tongue and a surprisingly mellow aftertaste for the style. So what is the Brett contributing? It’s quite subtle. Hansen? ‘Barnyard funk.’ Very good; couldn’t have said it better myself.

Anyone else? Anyone? ‘Over-ripe pineapple?’ Yes, exactly! There might be hope for you lot after all.

What’s that, Rees? Time for your next lesson? What nonsense. We haven’t opened the second bottle yet.

Written by Richard Salsbury

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