Staggeringly Good Dino Riders Guide to the Galaxy (440ml can, 6.3% ABV, vegan)

Douglas Adams’ much-loved Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has been everything: radio series, novel, TV series, film, stage show, comic book and computer game. Is it now a beer too? Well, not officially, but no fan of Adams could fail to spot the references on the can painted by local artist @alicetvcker: towel, dressing gown, mice, cup of tea and ‘Don’t Panic’ T-shirt.

The beer is described as a ‘DDH IPA’: an Indian Pale Ale that has been Double Dry Hopped, which usually means hops have been added both during and after fermentation to maximise the spectrum of flavours. The hops in question are the prized Australian Galaxy variety (of course!).

Out of the can, it lands in the glass a hazy lemon yellow, accompanied by a thick, creamy froth. The aroma is intense, tropical and sherbety. As we’ve come to expect from Staggeringly Good, there’s no shortage of hops, and the flavour bursts with passionfruit and peaches. It’s weighty on the tongue from the high ABV, and finishes with a fruity, peppery echo of hops.

Just the thing to oil Marvin’s gears while he listens to some Vogon poetry.

Written by Richard Salsbury

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