Unity Brewing Only the Sea (440ml can, 6.2% ABV, vegan)

It’s nice when you buy something from a company that’s not just in it to maximise profits. Unity Brewing are taking this to some pretty impressive levels: they’re fully powered by renewable energy and use recycled packaging. They’re a registered living wage employer and have an extensive code of conduct. They donate to local charities and have a stated aim to bring people together.

Nowhere is this sense of ‘Unity’ more evident than in Matt Canning’s artwork for their beer Only the Sea. It’s a ship’s wheel being steered with the help of people, mice, crabs, seagulls, starfish, a cat, an octopus … Everyone seems to be lending a hand (foot, paw, tentacle).

Which is all very well, but is the beer any good?

It’s a bit of a blinder.

Some beers will impress you with the sheer number of different hops they use. Only the Sea has just two: Mosaic and Columbus. And that’s all it needs. Mango and passionfruit from the Mosaic; sherbet and black pepper from the Columbus. It’s a winning combination, and just the thing for this juicy, thick, soft hop-bomb.

Written by Richard Salsbury

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