Siren Craft Escape Artist (440ml can, 5.9% ABV, vegan)

‘Sometimes you need a last minute recipe that can get you out of trouble’ it says on the can of Escape Artist. What’s this? Evidence of a brew gone wrong? With all the experimental beers that Siren Craft make, I wouldn’t be surprised. Perhaps the powdered mandrake root had gone off, or the delivery of depleted uranium was late. Whatever madness they might have been contemplating, it seems they settled for a relatively sedate brew this time.

Escape Artist

Escape Artist

Escape Artist is a golden yellow IPA, featuring a trio of American hops – Simcoe, Mosaic and Ekuanot. The result of these varieties is an aroma and taste of mango, pineapple and pine. It doesn’t have the citrus spike that characterises a lot of US pale ales, opting instead for a mellow, tropical vibe. There’s a pleasant prickliness on the tongue, and it’s lighter than the alcohol content suggests. The aftertaste is spicier and more bitter – a nice contrast to all that tropical fruit.

It’s great to have such a huge array of unusual beers on the market today – and Siren Craft are one of the breweries at the forefront – but Escape Artist shows that sometimes restraint is the order of the day. Restraint – geddit?

Written by Richard Salsbury

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