West Berkshire Brewery You Got This (440ml can, 4.1% ABV, vegan)

With the onslaught of beers hopped with American varieties, it’s often easy to forget that there are other parts of the world that grow their own unique hops in abundance. New Zealand is one such country, with many native varieties, some of which have exotic Maori names like Riwaka and Waimea.

The West Berkshire Brewery is remaining tight-lipped about what varieties go into You Got This, but they do describe it as a ‘NZ Extra Pale Ale’, with the addition of the word ‘Tropical’ beneath it. This, along with the luridly

You got this

You got this

coloured can – featuring a golden kiwi mercilessly pecking various fruits to pieces – gives you a very good indication of what sort of beer this is.

It’s a straw yellow colour, with an aroma of sweet, bready malt and tropical fruit. That malt character is still there in the taste, which is impressive given the abundance of hops, which give flavours of grapefruit, passion fruit and kiwifruit – all the fruits, really.

The body is light, but it doesn’t taste like it needs more alcohol. A tangy, bittersweet finish rounds off a thoroughly delicious, juicy and satisfying beer.

Written by Richard Salsbury

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