Ah, the hazy pale ale. So murky. So fruity. So fashionable.

Inaudible is part of the ever-expanding roster of beers available from Vibrant Forest, who have always been unashamed about making hazy beer. I have to say, I agree with them. The taste of beer is far more important than whether it’s clear or not.

But what about that famous expression, ‘The first taste is with the eyes’?

Mate, if you’re trying to drink beer with your eyes, you’re doing it wrong.

So what lurks inside this art deco can? Pale imitation (see what I did there?) or something a bit spesh?

Well, it’s pale and hazy all right, so that’s two boxes ticked right from the start. A good sniff reminds me strongly of fruit salad, which is one of those deserts I never choose if I have the option, but always thoroughly enjoy.

The taste does not disappoint. Pine, nectarine, a herby quality and the kind of sizzle you get from a truly immense amount of hops.

It’s surprisingly light for a 5% beer and as juicy as its fruity nature would suggest. It ends with a soft texture of peaches and herbs. Lip-smacking and delicious.

Written by Richard Salsbury

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